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It has been sunny all day — into about 1630. When the output of a PV micro-inverter went from 130W at 1630 to 30W at 1700 I knew something was up. Heavy clouts and all.

2o minutes later, we are having a hail storm. Not a mini-hail storm but fair sized hail. From 1/4 […]

Clear mornings, rainy afternoons

Looking at the lake/volcano from Puente La Amistad

A few weeks ago we had something close to a warm version of Seattle weather. That is, overcast or raining all the time. But, we now seem to back to normal rainy season weather. At least for some value of normal.

That normal seems to […]

Looks like rain

He said it would not rain.

That’s what I told the waiter. It was the reason I wanted to hit the road. He explained to this uninformed Gringo that it would not rain today. He then explained the weather for me. Roughly translated, here is what it said.

This time of year it […]

Year ’round citrus

Ripe fruit, growing fruit and buds.

If you live in a temperate climate then you think of local crops as seasonal. In Central America you really only have the dry season and the rainy season. Temperatures are almost the same (particularly on Lake Atitlan). For non-irrigated crops the seasons do matter. But, for […]

Is my calendar broken?

As I am writing this, it is raining. Not “we will float away” raining but “I wish I had fixed my roof” raining. We are up to over a millimeter and, if anything, it is now raining harder. March is not the rainy season.

This reminds me of a funny (for me) story. In […]

What’s with the wind?

Wind velocity for the last week.

While I was not here this time last year (I left in early January returning in March), the recent wind velocity seems out of character based on the time I have been here. (The graphic at the left is from the weather station we have on the […]

Weather Station

The weather station has now moved — both physically and where it lives on-line. Still some work to do but, for now, you can find it on the CasasDeRocio site.

September site news

Around the beginning of the century (never got to use that before) a friend who was living in Costa Rica told me something very important. He said “Mañana doesn’t mean tomorrow. It just means not today.” That helped me adjust to Latin America. This month I want to invoke that rule.

First, about that […]