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International travel costs

What does it cost to fly from/to Guatemala?

The sign is in front of the place with the worst exchange rates in Panajachel. I have been meaning to write about travel costs to/from Guatemala and this gives me a good start.

As they offer 7.4 quetzales to the dollar, I wonder if that […]

My visit to San Pedro

I live in Panajachel. This was my first visit to San Pedro. This is in now way a review of San Pedro as a whole. It was simple my personal first experience there. The executive summary? I am glad I live in Panajachel.

It all started on Sunday at a bit after 6AM. I […]

Heading to El Salvador and beyond by bus

While the travel agencies in Panajachel don’t seem to know this, there are actually quite a few options. I am going to cover what I know assuming your destination is Managua Nicaragua.

Prices and comfort vary all over the place. An excursion will cost around $30 with all the comfort of an old school […]