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Regional Travel

While the primary reason I wrote this page is to help people get to our Bed and Breakfast, the information is useful for anyone traveling to Guatemala from points south. Once you get to Guatemala (City), “Buses to Most Anywhere” in our CDR transportation page should help you out. So, let’s concentrate on getting […]

No Pana to Guate buses right now

Apparently a temporary thing but there are currently no direct buses between Panajachel and Guatemala City. Knowing this is important but there are some decent bus alternatives. Let me explain them.

The first thing you need to know is that Los Encuentros, a little nothing town on the Pan American Highway is really transportation […]

Only Four?

Yes, I have seen five.

Before I move to Central America I thought a full motorcycle has two people on it and 90% of the time there was only one person on it. Over the years, I have learned that is not the case.

Most motorcycles you see here are the local equivalent […]

A Green TukTuk?

Red, yellow and even blue. But, a strange green one?

If you have ever been in Panajachel or pretty much any of the other towns on the lake you will realize there are no shortage of TukTuks. There are lots of privately operated ones and a few that are associated with restaurants or […]

Alternative transportation to Guatemala City

This morning I discovered that there really are direct shuttles, at a fair price, from Pana to Guatemala City. I have been thinking that someone should offer shuttle trips that do not include the time-consuming side trip to Antigua. Well, they do.


Pana to/from Guate by Bus

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Last week I made a trip to Guatemala City and back by bus but, this time with less planning that I usually have made. The result was actually the easiest and fastest trip I have ever made to Guatemala City. In a place where buses are the typical mode of […]

Crossing the TukTuk bridge

Pana side of the TukTuk bridge today.

I used to do this every day but haven’t been there in a week. This is what the Pana side looks like today. Crossing in a TukTuk is not going to happen right now and unless you are a motorcycle daredevil, even that isn’t an option.


Making a trip to “the city”

Two options for your trip to the city.


For those who live here, you have probably learned the common term is Guatemala, not “the city” but that is confusing for newcomers. In any case, this article is about travel options between Panajachel to Guatemala City.

It covers the three most common options: […]