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Semana Santa Continues

One of the many “tourist-friendly” restaurants on Santander.

The craziness continues. Places that are usually close to empty during the week are full of customers. Valentino’s Steak House is a reasonable example of tourist-friendly restaurants on Calle Santander. It is sometimes fairly busy on weekends but it was full today.

Note that like […]

Comedor y Tortillaria America

Inexpensive breakfast.

In my search for the decent low-end breakfast, I decided to give this place a try. I have had breakfast there twice. It is not exciting but the price is right and there really is nothing wrong with it. In addition, they sell tortillas and they have inexpensive liquados. It isn’t […]

Comedor Mira Lago

A view and good food.

Executive summary: Good fish meal at a fair price with a great view.

Before I moved to Pana I assumed anything with a lake view would be more expensive than places in other locations. I now know that it can be but, in many cases, it is not. […]

Restaurante Mexicano La Michoacana

Mexican food in Pana

Mexican food in Pana? Yup. And it even tastes like Mexican food. All at fair prices and they typically have my favorite beer, Cabro. A little place run by nice people. Located on Calle de Los Arboles across the street from Tortillaria Paula.

There are at least three places […]

Cheros gets a facelift

OK, bar and pupuseria

Well, at least new paint. I am reasonably sure that is Ricardo on the right ladder. He will probably be your waiter and, well, just about anything except the person cooking the pupusas.

Location? At the intersection where Calles Santander, Los Arboles and Real meet. The strips on the […]

Local food, local prices

Comedor on Calle Real.

Comedor y Cafeteria El Buen Gusto is what appears to be a typical local restaurant. That is, it is locally owned, locally run and appears to locals rather than tourists and other folks with non-local income sources.

I have walked by it many times and while always been impressed […]