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Daily rental unit in Pana available

The “livingroom” of the apartment.

While I am not in the rental business, I have this empty unit above part of my house. Friends have stayed in it. We have talked about renting it out by the night which would be a project for my wife — but she is working in Nicaragua […]

Kidnapping in Pana

Yes, there were some kidnappings in Pana. The reason for this post is to help non-Spanish speakers understand they are not the likely victim of such crimes.

I know about this because my part-time maid just told me about it. Unfortunately, her story only said (me translating) “these people were kidnapped in Panajachel last […]

Panajachel: a big but small town

A big small town or a small big town?

Panajachel is an interesting mix as far as a town goes. If you tell someone it has about 12,000 people they immediately see it as a small town. But, if you take them to the public market it feels a lot bigger. If you […]

Crossing the TukTuk bridge

Pana side of the TukTuk bridge today.

I used to do this every day but haven’t been there in a week. This is what the Pana side looks like today. Crossing in a TukTuk is not going to happen right now and unless you are a motorcycle daredevil, even that isn’t an option.


Santander street food

Street food options on Santander

These are the usual vendors in front of the primary school on Calle Santander in Panajachel. The mobile but semi-permanant vendors are common in many areas but are simply one of the possible vendors you finds in the streets. Some food vendors are a lot more portable passing […]

What to expect in In the Market

No, this is not for people investing in stocks. This column will talk about what products you can expect to find in the public markets. While the primary focus will be on fresh food, sometimes there are other things worth mentioning.

This column will start out with the Panajachel public market as its primary […]

Another test

I am testing out some assorted features such as categories and tags. Let’s see how it goes.