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Local cooking

Tasty casserole made from local ingredients.

OK, I did the cooking. What is important is that I bought the ingredients within walking distance of my house.

If I was in Seattle, I would expect to find the ingredients nearby. Maybe not walking distance but close. But, I am in Panajachel and this is […]

Almost on Santander

Intersects Calle Santander.

On Calle Santander you find an amazing number of non-locals. Some are from Guatemala City but many are from Europe, the US, the UK, China and, well, lots of other places. You will hear lots of languages being spoken and lots of tall white folks which are a significant contrast […]

I’m not disappointed

On yesterday’s market trip it finally happened. I didn’t see anything new. There was, for example, a great assortment of fruit including apples, blackberries, papaya and strawberries but nothing new to describe here. Now, there are lots of things sold here and it is likely I missed some strange fruit or vegetable (and I […]