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Nothing special

Just kids in a tree

I was looking through the photos I have for some to use in the new business we are starting up and ran into this one. It’s from 11 months ago. It’s nothing special if you are here but it does seem special if you are not.

It’s just […]

How high is the lake?

I think this used to be a useful structure. Now it is just a lake level guage.

In a word, high. It is the rainy season so it will be higher than in the dry season but it seems seriously high. I was first in Pana in September 2012. That was still the […]

Semana Santa begins

New construction complete where Calle Santander meets the lake.

This is my first Semana Santa in Panajachel. I was first here in 2012 but have been away for months at a time dealing with moving and, well, more. In the process I have missed Semana Santa.

I had assumed it would be a […]

Comedor Mira Lago

A view and good food.

Executive summary: Good fish meal at a fair price with a great view.

Before I moved to Pana I assumed anything with a lake view would be more expensive than places in other locations. I now know that it can be but, in many cases, it is not. […]

Today at the lake

Clear, calm and perfect.

Fred the dog is still recovering from being home alone for almost five days. He’s very social and wants to meet people plus, being a sled dog, he wants exercise. Running back and forth in front of the porton when a TukTuk goes by doesn’t seem to equal being […]