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Fred and friends

Fred in Calle Santander with two of his friends.

Claudia, the woman in the photo, told me that there is this kid that has been asking if Fred has been around. She didn’t know his name but said he goes by almost every day. (Claudia sells shirts and trinkets at the entrance to […]

Fred’s “special place”

This seems to be his favorite spot.

Fred grew up with a chain link fence between him and the road so he was used to being able to see what was passing by. Here there is a wall and the portons. He seems to have settled on a routine where he only barks […]

Today at the lake

Clear, calm and perfect.

Fred the dog is still recovering from being home alone for almost five days. He’s very social and wants to meet people plus, being a sled dog, he wants exercise. Running back and forth in front of the porton when a TukTuk goes by doesn’t seem to equal being […]