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What’s it cost to stay in Panajachel?

Typical breakfast menu

One of the people asking about our rental unit asked this question. As there is no kitchen in the unit, the question was inspired by the cost of eating out but I have decided to be a bit more comprehensive. The information is also much more generic as the rental […]

What’s it cost?

Pineapples are cheap right now.

I just sent some email to tell a friend what some things cost. While I was thinking about food, I figured I could turn this into something that was both useful and funny. Let’s see how it works.

The number I want to work with is 5 quetzales […]

Cost of Living: Part 2

Back in Part 1 I introduced the idea that you can’t just take your back home list of items and see what they cost here. I expect many of you saw the chili sauce example rather trivial. It wasn’t there to get you to change your chili sauce buying habits but to get you […]