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There Goes the Neighborhood

Pana is getting a traffic light.

Don’t Panic

It’s Santa María and this is pretty normal. I took this photo in San Antonio Palopó, near our B&B but it is far away and on the other side of lots of mountains.


What’s the Exchange Rate?

The exchange rates listed in the box on the left are best described as typical. Nothing official but what they seem to be. It’s a reasonable guide. But, there is an official rate — different for buying and selling — which is easy to find.


Semi-private Boat

Three of us (myself and two CasasdeRocio guests) were in San Lucas ready to return to San Antonio Palopó. There is usually a Sunday boat at 1030 but we were told it wasn’t leaving until 1100. Then, magically at 1038 we saw a lot of San Antonians headed for one of the boats. While […]

Where Not to Change Your Money

The worst place to change your money is in the airport. Think about it: having an exchange booth in the terminal is expensive. And you pay for it.

Recent guests asked me what the exchange rate was suggesting it was about Q6 to the US$. That number came from them changing some money in […]

Guatemala City “buying” trip

I recently had to make a trip to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. There are always things I want that are not available locally but I just don’t like the seven hours of travel to go to Guatemala City and back. Plus, bringing back a lot of stuff on the bus is inconvenient. So, I […]

Another Dentist Visit

While Rocio and her mother have had good luck with Dra. Lily, my good luck until a week ago was no dentist visits. Then, I broken another tooth. Last Friday Lily said “partial crown” and did the prep work and impressions. The options were:

Ugly one for Q800 Pretty one for Q1000

I picked […]

Regional Travel

While the primary reason I wrote this page is to help people get to our Bed and Breakfast, the information is useful for anyone traveling to Guatemala from points south. Once you get to Guatemala (City), “Buses to Most Anywhere” in our CDR transportation page should help you out. So, let’s concentrate on getting […]

Yesterday’s San Lucas Adventure

Yesterday, Rocio and I went to San Lucas. I’ve been there before but this was the first time for a non-market day. Lack of preparation turned the trip into an adventure. Read about it on CasasDeRocio.

Daily rental unit in Pana available

The “livingroom” of the apartment.

While I am not in the rental business, I have this empty unit above part of my house. Friends have stayed in it. We have talked about renting it out by the night which would be a project for my wife — but she is working in Nicaragua […]