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View counts

I just added a view counter for posts. It’s something I had intended to always have but just forgot to activate. So, counts start as of today.

October site changes

Boats on the lake.

If you read my plan you know it was to have a Front Page starting once a month but eventually once a week that would link to the new articles. I liked the idea and still do but the Internet reality is that this is not a good approach […]

Weather Station

The weather station has now moved — both physically and where it lives on-line. Still some work to do but, for now, you can find it on the CasasDeRocio site.

September site news

Around the beginning of the century (never got to use that before) a friend who was living in Costa Rica told me something very important. He said “Mañana doesn’t mean tomorrow. It just means not today.” That helped me adjust to Latin America. This month I want to invoke that rule.

First, about that […]

Site Evolution — August

Fresh, local, cheap

It’s late July and we are still working on the site. New features, stamping out bugs, looking for advertisers, … No real problems — just lots of work left to do.

Our goal is still to offer issues each week but, for the time being, we remain a monthly. That […]