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Guatemala Discussion List

I used to run a Nicaragua web site and some mailing lists. They were useful tools. The one thing I miss is having a place to ask the “how to” and “where do you find” questions all so common for someone relatively new to a country.

I have decided to start a discussion list […]

Need a Hardware Store?

If you live in Panajachel, you can find lots of hardware stores and generally what you are looking for. But, other places on the lake you are less lucky. Now that I live in San Antonio I find myself making trips to Pana looking for things. Sometimes it is worth it, sometimes not. Well, […]

Getting your drivers license

Motorcycle driver’s license for Guatemala.

I just got a first drivers license at the jornada going on in Pana. The story is up at http://a42.com/site/pg/cedi/misc/1/3/63/73/336/596 and includes why you might want a first license.

Note that while this is a motorcycle license, they all look the same except the letter in the box […]

Using Western Union

DO NOT use this choice.

While Bitcoin will be the universal way to send and receive money, we need a solution in the mean time. Western Union is expensive (more than you first think) but it works. This post is about how it works in Panajachel — offering two distinctly different choices.

The […]

No Pana to Guate buses right now

Apparently a temporary thing but there are currently no direct buses between Panajachel and Guatemala City. Knowing this is important but there are some decent bus alternatives. Let me explain them.

The first thing you need to know is that Los Encuentros, a little nothing town on the Pan American Highway is really transportation […]

WiFi in Pana

I was eating lunch in The Bistro today and was reading an ebook while waiting for the food. They don’t have WiFi but I decided to look at what WiFi there was within range. I certainly expected more than zero but eight was pretty amazing.

Looking at the names (one was so creative: Office) […]

Solving my office chair problem

Fred helped me unpack it.

I haven’t had a decent office chair since I moved here. In fact, before I moved here as my previous one had died in Nicaragua.

Almost a year ago I bought what would be called a secretary’s chair but I tend to lean back at times. The back […]

Feeding Vegetarians

My mother-in-law is coming to visit soon. She’s vegetarian and I just started thinking about her food options. She eats eggs and dairy but, unlike me, not fish. It got me thinking about food options in Pana.

Breakfast options are easy. Most of the restaurants have meat-free options A typical breakfast in just about […]

Should you change your address on your DPI?

When I applied for my DPI I only had a temporary address. That is, a place I knew I would not be living but you need an address in Guatemala. While I live in Panajachel, my DPI has an address of Santa Catafina Pinula. I wondered if I should change it.

Getting something notarized

I just needed to get a document notarized or, more accurately, a notarization that said this was a true copy of the original. Once I verified that the notarization was acceptable in Spanish I headed off to get the job done. Fifteen minutes later where 10 minutes of that was walking, I have what […]