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Holiday Humor

Today is some sort of holiday. Quite honestly, I don’t keep track. It’s not that there are a lot of them but they usually are something I will forget about in less than a year.

Here, an official holiday means schools, government offices, banks and such are closed but, in general, all the businesses […]

BanRural and wire transfers

Yesterday I went to BanRural to do a Transferencia al Exterior. In other words, a bank wire. I have an account in US$ and the wire was in US$ (even though it was not to the US — actually China). What should have been easy turned into a 1+ hour experience and made me […]

Banking with COLUA

You may have seen the COLUA ads here. (Note that they don’t pay for them — I put them up as a service to both COLUA and AtitlanLife readers.) This post is about real experience dealing with them. I have found their service to be above and beyond what you would expect from a […]

Feeding Vegetarians

My mother-in-law is coming to visit soon. She’s vegetarian and I just started thinking about her food options. She eats eggs and dairy but, unlike me, not fish. It got me thinking about food options in Pana.

Breakfast options are easy. Most of the restaurants have meat-free options A typical breakfast in just about […]

Assisted living facility?

I was just asked if there was an “Old Folks Home” here. Anyone know the answer?

In Latin America is is pretty common that when when “grandpa” or “grandma” can no longer live on their own they move in with their children but clearly that is not always the case. For example, there is […]

What’s a NIT?

When shopping in some stores, namely the ones where you get a receipt, they ask me for a NIT. What is a NIT? Do I need one?