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San Antonio Festival

The festival in San Antonio Palopó is coming to a close. For the story, check out http://casasderocio.com/san-antonio-festival/

Blender parts

When I was first here I noticed that there were people walking down the streets selling blender parts. I thought that was pretty cool — until I needed a blender jar for a Sunbeam blender. Then I found out about reality.

The guys are selling parts for Oster, and only Oster blenders. Having a […]

Another cost of living data point

So often I hear people say “it sounds as expensive around the lake as in Los Angeles or whatever. Here is just one more example of what you don’t see when you just look at the cost of a KwH of electricity of some canned food from Gringolandia.

A small metric screw fell off […]

Talking to William

I was chatting with my friend Dennis and this “Gringo” came up to us to ask some questions. His name is William and he is from Tucson Arizona. He was in a caravan of vehicles headed to Costa Rica. He had just spent the night in Panajachel and was considering abandoning the caravan to […]

Gringo insights

Seriously learning Guatemalan culture.

This morning I was heading to the public market when I passed a gaggle of Gringos walking down Calle Santander. Clearly some sort of organized gaggle as they had a handler leading them. That is, a person pointing out things to them in, of course, English.

There were probably […]

Not like New York

Turkey de Los Arboles.

Last Sunday, Rocio and I were walking back from the public market. As we walked past a little store I heard a turkey. That didn’t make sense but I did look into the store. Naw, no turkey. I was clearly just hearing things.

A few steps later, I heard […]

Nothing special

Just kids in a tree

I was looking through the photos I have for some to use in the new business we are starting up and ran into this one. It’s from 11 months ago. It’s nothing special if you are here but it does seem special if you are not.

It’s just […]

Chipilin — the plant

Not a tamale but the plant.

I wrote about tamales of chipilin in a previous post. All indication is that chipilin is nutritious but, beyond that, it just tastes good. My friend Keith has gone as far as to say that he doesn’t normally eat things with green stuff in them but those […]

A little rain and …

Santander on a rainy Monday.

This photo may make things look a little more inactive than it really is but it’s close. 2 June, a Monday, middle of the day. Mondays are usually pretty quiet anyway. This photo was taken after hours of heavy rain so it looks less wet than just 30 […]


Got any left over pasta?

This photo was taken inside the Bistro, a restaurant on Calle Santander fairly close to the lake. He really was quite well-mannered. Until the waiter asked him to leave (the waiter was well-mannered as well), he walked from table to table, sat down and waited. He never said […]