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There is no shortage of coffee in Guatemala. You can find it at prices from about Q25 to Q80 per pound. But, what’s the difference?

The photo shows the two most common brands you find here. These are non-Gringo coffees. That is, they are what locals drink and you can find these two brands […]

Cebolla in Sololá

In the market in Sololá. Photo by Rocio.

The public market in Sololá is big. Many times larger than the one in Pana and well-organized. That is, you will find all the places vending a particular type of thing (shoes, for example) in one area.

The primary focus is, of course, food and […]


Looks like cacao but isn’t.

This post is mostly about why you would want to go to the public market with a local — even if you have been going there regularly for two years. The trip today was with Rocio, the 16 year old daughter of Juanita, a person who cleans our […]

What’s it cost?

Pineapples are cheap right now.

I just sent some email to tell a friend what some things cost. While I was thinking about food, I figured I could turn this into something that was both useful and funny. Let’s see how it works.

The number I want to work with is 5 quetzales […]

Plums and more

Not ice cream sticks.

Plums, strawberries, mangos and, of course, bananas seem to be the most popular fruit in the market right now. Plums and strawberries cost Q5/lb, more or less. Mangos vary from Q1 each to 2 for Q5 depending on size, type and how you act. I say how you act […]



Inexpensive strawberries. I have typically paid Q5/lb for strawberries but haven’t bought any in a few months. It was time for more. One lady had two sizes. These were the bigger ones which cost Q4.5/lb. The smaller ones were cheaper.

So, what’s with the two sizes?


March in the market

Tomatoes soaking in “cleaner”.

For a while I was doing a market update every week. Then I had others going to the market and I was just not there on a regular basis. Clearly it is time for an update.

There have been some changes in both what is available and in prices. […]

Meat, anyone?

Meat market just outside the public market.

I picked this particular place for the photo because of the natural light. It is certainly not unique. Finding fresh meat and sausage in Panajachel is trivial. This particular place is just south of the market building.



One of the types of passion fruit.

That’s what’s new in the market. I saw them in three or four places — all vendors on the street next to the market. I didn’t see any for sale inside.

There appear to be lots of types of passion fruit. But, no matter, this is […]

Why do they do it?

Red ball: 2 for Q5; jalapeño: Q5/lb

Went to the market today to buy some typical (for me) stuff. That included the red peppers, jalapeños, potatoes, black beans, goat cheese, mahi mahi, papaya and some other assorted stuff. I think all, except potatoes, were at local prices instead of Gringo prices.