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Banks say no to US$20 or less

The story is on decodeit.org and it is nationwide but how it works on the lake is what we care about. The Guatemalan government has told the banks not to accept US currency other than $50 and $100 bills. This makes no sense to me. Here are a few reasons:

Unless it has changed […]

What if I don’t have residency?

This is such a common question. People want to move here but don’t yet have residency. They are concerned with the process, what if they move here and don’t get it and so on. Having obtained residency in three Central American countries, I consider myself at least close to an expert.

First, if you […]

Car Title Transfer

In general, I have been satisfied dealing with the government — from Immigration to SAT (the tax folks). Doing a title transfer on a car, however, is a different game. This is my experience. you can decide if it seems reasonable or not.

Step 1 is easy — or, so it seems. On the […]

Public Ministry Raids Radio Juventud in Solola

This story is from Cultural Survival. It is one of the typical “unlicensed stations gets shut down” stories. You can see these in the US as well as here in Guatemala. The article goes on to explain the public outrage because Radio Juventud really is a useful community service, particularly for the indigenous community. […]

A Green TukTuk?

Red, yellow and even blue. But, a strange green one?

If you have ever been in Panajachel or pretty much any of the other towns on the lake you will realize there are no shortage of TukTuks. There are lots of privately operated ones and a few that are associated with restaurants or […]

Yes, Pana has a library

This is the biblioteca (library) in Panajachel.

The typical response when I mention there is a library in Panajachel is, “Where is it?” Well, here is the answer to that question. It is just a block from the public market. One block south on the street that goes by the Cathedral.

Facts about real estate titles

I have received conflicting information about real property titles with the most recent episode being a person that very confidently explained to me that as of 2005, titles are only recorded here in Panajachel. He even told me who to ask at the Muni to verify this. This has inspired me to, once again, […]

Selling electricity back to the grid

An alternative engineering newsletter I receive had a pointer to http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/hiteca-a-guatemalan-renewable-energy-startup which is a fundraising campaign for a company near Xela. They want to start building hydro parts here rather than importing them.

Well, I headed over to their regular web site and found that they do other alternative techologies. To my surprise, I […]

Los Arboles open

Paved with two sizes of concrete bricks.

Calle de Los Arboles is open again. Later than I predicted in http://atitlanlife.com/2013/07/28/closure-of-calle-de-los-arboles/ but they did more work than I had expected.

It was probably open after the fair was over (last Sunday) but I was out of town. Clearly a bit of sidewalk work left […]

Repair of Calle de los Arboles

Rebuilding Calle de los arboles

While not the only road repair process going on, rebuilding Calle de los Arboles starting at the cathedral heading down the hill to where the street is concrete is the biggest one. (Others include and additional block on Rancho Grande up from where it was totally re-done late […]