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Free Classified Ads

We have decided to try something new — classifieds. Yes, there is OLX and others but we want to try something different.

We want to focus on want ads instead of for sale We want to focus–at least initially–on the Lake Atitlan area (or, more correctly, the Department of Sololá) We want to offer […]

Earthquakes and Volcanos

A common question I get is “what about the volcanos?”, usually followed by “what about earthquakes”? This is an answer for Lake Atitlan but not a generic answer for Guatemala.

The “executive summary” is “not a problem”. But, let’s go into details.


Buy My Panajachel House

Last year I bought a Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio Palopó. It needed some imrpovements before I could really live there but they are now done. So, I am ready to sell my Panajachel house.

Great location (about 100 meters off Calle Santander on a quiet Callejon) with free electricity (really) as a […]

Grocery Shopping

If you are new to the area or just a tourist with a stove and refrigerator, knowing what’s available and where to buy it is important. This post is primarily for people on the west side of the lake — from Panajachel to San Lucas.

In all the pueblos you will find an assortment […]

Sunrise (or) Sunset

If you are going to stay on the lake, you have a choice of whether you will see a sunrise or a sunset over the hills. It depends on where you are on the lake. At out Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio, sunsets are the big event of the day. The photo at […]

Considerations for your garden

Around the lake the weather is like what you would expect (minus the smog) on the good days in Los Angeles, California. The big difference is that is what it is like year round here. In general, expect the temperature to be in the range of 10C to 30C, day or night, whatever month […]

What if I don’t have residency?

This is such a common question. People want to move here but don’t yet have residency. They are concerned with the process, what if they move here and don’t get it and so on. Having obtained residency in three Central American countries, I consider myself at least close to an expert.

First, if you […]

Where do you buy “ordinary stuff”?

Sure, I know where to buy local artisan products, groceries, beer, … I know of a lot of ropa usada stores, hardware stores, motorcycles, … If you have been here, you get the idea. But, what I would consider ordinary stuff seems to be harder to find. I am going to list a few […]

What’s it cost to stay in Panajachel?

Typical breakfast menu

One of the people asking about our rental unit asked this question. As there is no kitchen in the unit, the question was inspired by the cost of eating out but I have decided to be a bit more comprehensive. The information is also much more generic as the rental […]

Linux in Panajachel

Just another system running Linux.

The system in the picture is running Linux. In my house that’s the norm — with the exception of Rocio installing Skype on “my” tablet, there is no Microsoft software here. Tablets and phones run Linux (Android), desktops and laptops run Ubuntu or Mint Linux.

That’s the norm […]