Local ads

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Free Classified Ads

We have decided to try something new — classifieds. Yes, there is OLX and others but we want to try something different.

We want to focus on want ads instead of for sale We want to focus–at least initially–on the Lake Atitlan area (or, more correctly, the Department of Sololá) We want to offer […]

Adding Another Language

My Spanish is OK and I live in San Antonio Palopó. Here, my Spanish is better than most because, like me, Spanish is the second language of the local. They speak kachiquel (or however you want to spell it.

On December 26 I realized how large the kachiquel-speaking population is. In our Bed and […]

Lake Atitlan Wellness Clinic

Sometimes I do crazy things. (My daughter says most of the time but that’s a different issue.) I have been living in our Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio Palopó for the last year. During that year, Rocio has been living in my house in Panajachel while finishing school in Sololá. The house has […]

About the banner photos

I was recently asked where the banner photos came from. The short answer is from my terrace. http://casasderocio.com/about-us/live-cam/ on the web site for our Bed and Breakfast will show you more.


Tourist/visitor in need of local help?

While I mentioned this in my Unit for rent in Pana page I have decided the idea of available local help is worth a blog post. So, here it is. I will cover who these people are, why using them may make sense and what are the costs.

People who could work for […]

Local cooking

Tasty casserole made from local ingredients.

OK, I did the cooking. What is important is that I bought the ingredients within walking distance of my house.

If I was in Seattle, I would expect to find the ingredients nearby. Maybe not walking distance but close. But, I am in Panajachel and this is […]

Now What?

What does a smart teen do when she finishes school here?

I am not a local and I am not a teenager. I love it here and I see a lot of happy people including the locals. It took a conversation with a smart 16 year old for me to start thinking about […]

How high is the lake?

I think this used to be a useful structure. Now it is just a lake level guage.

In a word, high. It is the rainy season so it will be higher than in the dry season but it seems seriously high. I was first in Pana in September 2012. That was still the […]

Clear mornings, rainy afternoons

Looking at the lake/volcano from Puente La Amistad

A few weeks ago we had something close to a warm version of Seattle weather. That is, overcast or raining all the time. But, we now seem to back to normal rainy season weather. At least for some value of normal.

That normal seems to […]

Looks like rain

He said it would not rain.

That’s what I told the waiter. It was the reason I wanted to hit the road. He explained to this uninformed Gringo that it would not rain today. He then explained the weather for me. Roughly translated, here is what it said.

This time of year it […]