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First dentist experience in Pana

Last Thursday I fractured a tooth. A piece broke off but stayed semi-attached in the gum. Friday morning I ran into a friend and asked about dentists. He suggested (without knowing her name) Dra. Lily Contrares). I walked down there and her assistant suggested I come back around 1200. So, I did.

She took […]

Local food, local prices

Comedor on Calle Real.

Comedor y Cafeteria El Buen Gusto is what appears to be a typical local restaurant. That is, it is locally owned, locally run and appears to locals rather than tourists and other folks with non-local income sources.

I have walked by it many times and while always been impressed […]

Best breakfast in town?

Best breakfast?

I have been eating more breakfasts at Ricassoli than any other place in town. Second is Lazarroni’s Pizza which has the same owner and same menu. The best breakfast comment came from a person at the next table telling that to someone in the street. I have seen both of them […]

El Cafecito

Tasty stuff at fair prices.

El Cafecito is a little hole in the wall bakery on Calle Santander all too close to my house. The issue is that they have pastries that are pretty, tasty and fairly priced. Thus, they are too convenient. That it, is it all too tempting to go there […]

Hana Japanese Restaurant

What you see from the street.

I have eaten there before — both when it was located in Jucanyá and after their move to Calle 14 de Febrero, maybe 30 meters off Calle Santander. (For those of you familiar with the area, it is is Casa Cakchiquel.) I was impressed with the food […]