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Guatemala Discussion List

I used to run a Nicaragua web site and some mailing lists. They were useful tools. The one thing I miss is having a place to ask the “how to” and “where do you find” questions all so common for someone relatively new to a country.

I have decided to start a discussion list to see if we can fill the need. Here are examples of the sort of questions that seem like good examples:

  • Where can you buy a coffee dispulper (a real question for me)?
  • How do you buy a car?
  • What are the transportation options from “A” to “B”?

And, well, lots more. Clearly some of this should end up on a web site but, for now, let’s see what questions are being asked and who has some answers.

Joining The List

This list, along with others, appears on lists.a42.com. I have disabled the “list of lists” page (to decrease SPAM) but you can find out about this list and how to join by going to http://lists.a42.com/listinfo.cgi/guatemala-a42.com

That’s it. Give it a try.

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