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Adding Another Language

My Spanish is OK and I live in San Antonio Palopó. Here, my Spanish is better than most because, like me, Spanish is the second language of the local. They speak  kachiquel (or however you want to spell it.

On December 26 I realized how large the kachiquel-speaking population is. In our Bed and Breakfast (http://casasderocio.com) we did a free waffle morning. That is we put a free waffles sign on our porton that said 8AM-noon (all in Spanish, of course). We had about 35 people show up with quite a few wanting to take waffles home to mom, their sisters or whatever. I would ask something of them in Spanish and get no answer.

Fortunately my gardener/handyman Dino is bi-lingual (Spanish/Kachiquel) so I enlisted his help. It turns out that only about 20% spoke Spanish. What happens is that “mom” speaks kachiquel at home so that is what the young kids learn. When they go off to school they learn Spanish. Thus, the maybe8-25 generation know Spanish but not many others. So, maybe you (and I) should learn it.

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