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Lake Atitlan Wellness Clinic

Sometimes I do crazy things. (My daughter says most of the time but that’s a different issue.) I have been living in our Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio Palopó for the last year. During that year, Rocio has been living in my house in Panajachel while finishing school in Sololá. The house has been on the market for a while but has not sold. In other words, a pain as I am maintaining a house plus the B&B which has needed a lot of changes/updates.

My part-time maid also works part time in the Lake Atitlan Wellness Clinic, a pretty amazing free clinic. A few weeks ago she told me the clinic was going to have to move. I know about the clinic and it offers a great service to the community. I started thinking “what if I gave my house to them”?

Now, I am not a rich guy but I had this asset — the house — I really didn’t want. If I sold it I had a plan to invest the money in a project in San Antonio Palopó but it was more on the level of “something interesting for me to do” rather than something I needed to do or something that would really benefit the community. I kept thinking. I contacted Dr. Louis DePeña, the guy who started the clinic. (I knew him as I had actually gone to the clinic once — not because I needed free care but because I needed to talk to a doctor who was a lot more than a “pill pusher”.

The short version is that I am giving my house to the clinic which will be an amazing help for them and a lot of good karma for me. It just feels like the right thing to do. For the clinic, it means no rent so more money for supplies. They should be moved to their new location just off Calle Santander on the Callejon that leads to PanaKids sometime in November.

If you are a Gringo with poor Spanish skills, consider going to the clinic. Dr. Louis (as he is know) speaks perfect English. And you, unlike many of his indigenous clients, can afford to make a small donation to help the clinic operate.

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