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Don’t Panic

Santa MaríaIt’s Santa María and this is pretty normal. I took this photo in San Antonio Palopó, near our B&B but it is far away and on the other side of lots of mountains.

If you are on Lake Atitlan there is no way this is going to be an issue. The first time I saw the eruption I was talking to one of the guests and she asked me “is that normal”. I had no clue but did a bit of research and the answer is yes.

The Wikipedia page (linked to above) has some pretty cool photos.

3 comments to Don’t Panic

  • Carl

    Yep, that is the one Pam and I saw while eating lunch near Xocomil (between Xela and Retalhuleau) with the X-highland gorilla fighter cab driver. I could still see the pain in his eyes and hear the rumble in the earth as I watched house size boulders roll down the volcano face. What a day! You had left the day before because I think you had a cold (in the 30 degree C heat)! That was the day the Maya calendar rolled over to a new era, too!

  • Mark E

    It’s the Santiaguito not the Santa Maris

    • admin

      Are you sure? Santiaguito is the “whole volcano” but Santa María is the vent that usually erupts. From here you can’t actually see the volcano.

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