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About the banner photos

I was recently asked where the banner photos came from. The short answer is from my terrace. http://casasderocio.com/about-us/live-cam/ on the web site for our Bed and Breakfast will show you more.

I bought Casa Colonial Atitlan almost a year ago. I had talked to Andreas, the then owner, for almost 10 months before I bought it. I was happy living in Panajachel but this place was just calling to me. The views in the daytime were great but I had never been here overnight. My plan was to find a couple to run the place and I would happily live in Panajachel, about 10km from here.

Well, I inherited some reservations so in late October I went to the B&B to deal with my first guests. In a couple of days I was completely addicted. Each morning I saw how the lake looked different — different cloud formations, different “traffic” and so on. I wanted to live here. I told my daughter (who was still in Panajachel) this and she basically said I was crazy. When school got out I tried to convince her to come and stay for a night and see what she thought. For a month it was no go.

Finally, she did stay here overnight. She was hooked. In the 44 days before school started again, she was here probably 40 nights. The view is amazing but there is a lot more. For example, more boats go by than cars. There is more noise from birds than anything else. The people are amazingly friendly. You get the idea.

I have lived a lot of places. Some of them were pretty nice but this one is the best for me.

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