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Semi-private Boat

Three of us (myself and two CasasdeRocio guests) were in San Lucas ready to return to San Antonio Palopó. There is usually a Sunday boat at 1030 but we were told it wasn’t leaving until 1100. Then, magically at 1038 we saw a lot of San Antonians headed for one of the boats. While I was willing to squeeze in, Greg and Lita decided not to. So, I got off and we were quickly approached by the pilot of another boat. He offered us a private trip for Q125.

Sounded like too much to me so we haggled. He said Q75 if some other people come along. Not to San Antonio but just “for a ride”. OK. We left with about a half-full boat and he proved he was faster than everyone else. We got to San Antonio in record time. The price was clearly expensive for locals but a bargin for us.

Bottom line: if you are somewhere on the lake and want to be somewhere else, ask. And don’t be afraid to haggle. About the most anyone would ever ask for is Q200 but if they need to get their boat somewhere else anyway (I got a Q5 deal for one of those) of have time to kill, you can usually find a reasonable deal.

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