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Sunrise (or) Sunset

San Antonio SunsetIf you are going to stay on the lake, you have a choice of whether you will see a sunrise or a sunset over the hills. It depends on where you are on the lake. At out Bed and Breakfast in San Antonio, sunsets are the big event of the day. The photo at the left was taken by my daughter from the deck of the B&B.

There are lots more. In fact, a continual stream of photos. On our live cam page, an image from out camera is uploaded every five minutes from 6AM to 6PM. It is pointing at just a piece of the view. Being here is far better but the camera views but it’s good to remind you why you want to be here.

I also enjoy the sunrises. You don’t see the sun as it is behind the B&B and the property goes up a hill. What you see is the sky on the other side of the lake lighten. Then the sunlight moves down the mountains and, finally, it crosses the lake. For me, it’s a great view to do my morning e-mail.

The Lake from B&BIf you are not here for a sunrise or a sunset, the view is not that bad the rest of the time.

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