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Guatemala City “buying” trip

I recently had to make a trip to Nicaragua and Costa Rica. There are always things I want that are not available locally but I just don’t like the seven hours of travel to go to Guatemala City and back. Plus, bringing back a lot of stuff on the bus is inconvenient. So, I decided to take advantage of being in the city, buy things I need and have Rolando, the driver we recommend in San Antonio Palopó for our Bed and Breakfast customers, pick me up. Or more accurately, pick us up as my daughter wanted to experience Guatemala City.

Squash pie from Rey Sol.

Squash pie from Rey Sol.

I got back Thursday evening and stayed at Hotel Spring (as always) in Zona 1. Friday was “shopping for the B&B day”. I bought a couple of safes, a blender and some hardware store items not available in Panajachel. I also found a pawn shop a couple of blocks from the hotel on Saturday morning and bought a toaster oven/coffee maker combo for our Panajachel apartment and a convection oven for the B&B. A total success. And, I ate at Rey Sol, an excellent vegetarian restaurant in Zona 1.

Rocio bused to Guatemala City on Saturday morning and after a bit of shopping I introduced her to Rey Sol. She loved it and we ended up eating both breakfast and lunch there on Sunday. Note that for lunch they have a cefeteria-style food line with an amazing assortment of flavors. And, it is reasonably priced as well.

The only other place we ate was Banbú an excellent Chinese restaurant with huge portions and reasonable prices. It is around Calle 10 on Ave. 6. Don’t confuse it with Bamboo which is a bit further South and no where neae as good.

Everything newThen we got down to serious shopping (for her). That mostly meant clothing and shoes. She continued to be amazed by the assortment of things available. Our “shopping locations” were 6th Avenue, the stalls along the street that is just for Transmetro now and the public market. Note that in the photo on the right, everything she is wearing — and I mean everything — is new except her shoes and she is addressing that in the photo.

Sunday morning I introduced her to Transmetro. (There is one stop a block north of Hotel Spring and another a couple of blocks south. I also found out they have a new service — I bus that is primarily filled with bicycle spaces. Very cool.

By 2PM Sunday she no longer wanted more food and was shopped it. Rolando picked us up around 5PM and brought us and our goodies back home. Clearly a very comfortable and very fun trip.

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