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Blender parts

When I was first here I noticed that there were people walking down the streets selling blender parts. I thought that was pretty cool — until I needed a blender jar for a Sunbeam blender. Then I found out about reality.

The guys are selling parts for Oster, and only Oster blenders. Having a Sunbeam with a damaged jar and a Black and Decker with no jar, I was thinking it was time to buy an Oster. That is, until I was shopping for something totally different in Sololá. What I found was a place that has parts for all blenders. That even includes motor parts.

Where is it? Well, in the local custom of lack of addresses, it is on the main one-way street between the market and the park. On a corner maybe four blocks from the park. As I remember, one block before El Mismo Precio.

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    Note that I just bought an Oster blender. Why? Well, while the place has lots of parts, they did not have the jar for the Sunbeam and there are apparently three sizes of Black and Decker blenders. They have a jar that is too big and one that is too small. Oh well, …

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