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Another cost of living data point

So often I hear people say “it sounds as expensive around the lake as in Los Angeles or whatever. Here is just one more example of what you don’t see when you just look at the cost of a KwH of electricity of some canned food from Gringolandia.

A small metric screw fell off my motorcycle. Those amazingly common ones with a 10mm head and probably a 4mm thread. But, not having my VW spare parts kit here, I didn’t have one. Where I bought the moto, they farm out the service so they wouldn’t have one. So, I went to a motorcycle repair shop I had seen on Calle Principle. A guy who had a moto on a stand all apart set down his wrench and came over to help me. I told him I needed a metric screw and pointed to the hole. He came over, pulled off the line (the screw holds on a plate on the end of a hose that, I guess, is exhaust gas recirculation.

He called to another guy inside to bring him a screw. I missed what he said but the guy came out in 15 seconds with one. My guy grabbed a 10mm wrench, put the hose back on and put in the screw, tightening it with the wrench.

At this point, two or three minutes had elapsed. I asked he what I owed him. He thought and sheepishly said five quetzales. (That’s about $.70.) I complained that was too cheap and gave him the Q5 and rode off.

2 comments to Another cost of living data point

  • Carl Christy

    That is very cheap for labor! But one of the ONLY cool things about the USA is that there are still lots and lots of “toys” and things to tinker with here. There probably will be for my lifetime, no matter what happens to the economy here. I could get a screw for 19 cents to free, depending on where I go, and installing it would be something I would prefer to do myself. Don’t get me wrong, the average guy would probably have to cough up $25 to get it fixed, so I realize I am really “A Guatemalan in USA clothing”…. actually, I am in Guatemalan clothing, too, but you know what I mean…

  • Terry

    You make a valid point. The “handyman” in the US is still useful except when he gets to modern things that are built to not be fixed. In Central America most people don’t have a lot of money and inexpensive solutions tend to appear. One of my favorites is using old plastic pop bottles. You see uses all over from cable TV weatherproof covers to utility scoops.

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