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Gringo insights

Seriously learning Guatemalan culture.

Seriously learning Guatemalan culture.

This morning I was heading to the public market when I passed a gaggle of Gringos walking down Calle Santander. Clearly some sort of organized gaggle as they had a handler leading them. That is, a person pointing out things to them in, of course, English.

There were probably 20 people, most of them well beyond retirement age. But, what is there to point out along Calle Santander at 9AM on a Saturday. That is, what needs to be said other than “yes, folks sell clothing” and “there are some stores here”?

Well, apparently one of the couples, a young one probably only in their 50s, was apparently having the same problem. They were pretty much at the back of the pack and didn’t seem to be listening to their handler.

As I passed them, the man turned to his woman and made an observation. He said “they have green cotton candy here”.

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