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Local cooking

Tasty casserole made from local ingredients.

Tasty casserole made from local ingredients.

OK, I did the cooking. What is important is that I bought the ingredients within walking distance of my house.

If I was in Seattle, I would expect to find the ingredients nearby. Maybe not walking distance but close. But, I am in Panajachel and this is a vegan dish with some ingredients not common in the third world. First, the easy ones:

  • Fresh tomatoes from the public market
  • Basil from my garden
  • Onion, garlic, … from the public market
  • Potatoes from the public market

Nothing special about that stuff except much was grown locally and all was available within walking distance. Now, on to the more interesting stuff:

  • Tempeh — apparently made by someone in the area and available at Sandra’s.
  • Shitake mushrooms — Available at Sandra’s or Chalo’s.
  • Tamari — Available at Sandra’s or Chalo’s

I even bought the oven-proof baking dish locally. Clearly not locally made but, again, a short walk for something clearly not typical here.

BTW, it was pretty tasty.

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