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Not like New York

Turkey de Los Arboles.

Turkey de Los Arboles.

Last Sunday, Rocio and I were walking back from the public market. As we walked past a little store I heard a turkey. That didn’t make sense but I did look into the store. Naw, no turkey. I was clearly just hearing things.

A few steps later, I heard it again. I turned around. Rocio asked me what I was doing. I wasn’t yet ready to say “looking for a turkey” so I said something like “I heard a strange noise”. Then I heard it again.

There was nothing obvious in any of the little stores along Los Arboles but I was sure I wasn’t hearing things. Then, I looked up. On the roof of the tienda we had just passed, there it was.

1 comment to Not like New York

  • Carlos Humano

    Nice bird! Those things CAN fly. I have hundreds of wild ones around my house, and raised 6 just outside my doorstep. They can’t fly high, but they do fly, even though they can get HUGE! Love your Turkey de los Arboles!

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