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Nothing special

Just kids in a tree

Just kids in a tree

I was looking through the photos I have for some to use in the new business we are starting up and ran into this one. It’s from 11 months ago. It’s nothing special if you are here but it does seem special if you are not.

  • It’s just two kids in a tree. Clearly that happens all the time. Let me offer some reasons I think it is special.You are at a public beach in a busy tourist town on a beautiful sunny day but there is no crowd
  • The kids are young but unattended. That is, there is no obvious adult supervision
  • There isn’t anyone telling them they can’t climb the tree
  • There are no chain link fences or other barriers

When I was their age I think the world (at least in Southern California) was more like what I see here today (except adult supervision was always required) . It’s not that I want to return to my childhood — it’s just that things seemed to be better then.


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