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What’s it cost?

Pineapples are cheap right now.

Pineapples are cheap right now.

I just sent some email to tell a friend what some things cost. While I was thinking about food, I figured I could turn this into something that was both useful and funny. Let’s see how it works.

The number I want to work with is 5 quetzales or 5Q as we would typically say or Q5 as we would typically write. That works out to about 65 Gringo cents. Here are the easy ones.

  • What does a pound of beans cost? Q5
  • What does a pound of strawberries (or blackberries or …) cost? Q5
  • What does a cheap beer cost? Q5
  • What does half a dozen eggs cost? Q5
  • What do the expensive things typically cost in the Q3 store? Q5
  • What do avocados cost? 2 for Q5 (sometimes less, right now a bit more)
  • What does a chicken tostada cost on the street? Q5 (actually, I think it is Q4 in most places)
  • What does 20 tortillas cost? Q5
  • What does a pineapple cost? Q5 (they are cheap right now)
  • What does a coconut cost? Q5
  • What does a TukTuk ride cost? Q5 (per person)

There are lots more things and lots of things that cost less (Q3 is typical for a big head of broccoli, for example) and even things that cost more (Q12 for half a pound of ordinary coffee) but Q5 seems to be a handy number to think about. Note that if you are headed to the public market where lots of things are Q5 and stuff like a handful of peppers or a bunch of green onions or chard are Q1, don’t expect many vendors to have change for a Q100 bill. Better to bring some of those Q5 notes with you.

2 comments to What’s it cost?

  • Thanks for this post. I’m in the process of saving up to move down to Pana for hopefully six months and this really helps with my budgeting. Plus it increases my excitement! I’m reading everything I can on this beautiful country. Can’t wait to go!

  • admin

    Here (which applies to Panajachel, much of Guatemala and even other countries in Central America) you can pretty much live on anything. That is, if you have a budget, you can find a lifestyle that fits it. For example, you can find hotel rooms from Q40 (about $5) to $180/night. While there really is no seriously expensive food (maybe there is in the $180/night hotel), eating in the public market or the street can get you decent meals for Q10 or less. And, as it is never really cold (or hot) you could sleep under a bridge.

    On my list for future articles are some that specifically address how you could live here in various “price ranges”.

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