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Getting your drivers license

Motorcycle driver's license for Guatemala.

Motorcycle driver’s license for Guatemala.

I just got a first drivers license at the jornada going on in Pana. The story is up at http://a42.com/site/pg/cedi/misc/1/3/63/73/336/596 and includes why you might want a first license.

Note that while this is a motorcycle license, they all look the same except the letter in the box in the lower left.

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  • admin

    For those who are in Guatemala and need a license but don’t (yet) have your DPI, I figured I should explain this. That is, clarify what I know.

    When I was in one of the lines the person in front of me had a license he wanted to renew. He was young and (apparently) got his license before he got his cédula. He said he did not have a DPI and has never had a cédula. He was told he had to get a DPI (which he can get with his birth certificate) before he could renew his license. The reasoning is that there is an “identity document” field on the license and he had no identity document.

    So, maybe I jumped to a conclusion here. That is, maybe an extranjero can get a driver’s license using their passport or other ID. I am just not sure. Anyone?

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