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How high is the lake?

I think this used to be a useful structure. Now it is just a lake level guage.

I think this used to be a useful structure. Now it is just a lake level guage.

In a word, high. It is the rainy season so it will be higher than in the dry season but it seems seriously high. I was first in Pana in September 2012. That was still the rainy season and I remember a lot more of this structure being out of the water.

I was in Santa Cruz a few months back and the lake was just a few inches below the level of a building right next to the pier. If I remember right about this building, that building must be a bit under water right now.

I am not the expert with long-term experience here but all indication is that the water is higher now than at least any time in the past few years. If you know more than I do, please speak up.

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  • Jena

    I have a question for you. My husband and I lived on Lake Atitlan from Feb 15-Mar 15 of this year. We have friends (family) that live in Tiquisate and Antigua. We traveled all over the country and necer felt that we were in any danger. In the US, the media is covering the story of thousands of immigrant children fleeing drug/war-torn Guatemala. This was not my experience at all, and I think the US media is using sensationalism to hype their story. I know that there is poverty in Guatemala, but all the people we met there were very simple, religious, and thankful – far from violent. Do you have any insight into all these Central American children fleeing for the US?

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