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Chipilin — the plant

Not a tamale but the plant.

Not a tamale but the plant.

I wrote about tamales of chipilin in a previous post. All indication is that chipilin is nutritious but, beyond that, it just tastes good. My friend Keith has gone as far as to say that he doesn’t normally eat things with green stuff in them but those tamales are really good. Two (at a total cost of Q6) makes a pretty big dinner.

A few days ago when my part-time maid Juanita was leaving she asked me if she could have some chipilin. I was confused. There were some chipilin tamales I had just bought which were to become dinner for two. Did she want one? Nope. She wanted some leaves.


We go out into the yard and she points out the plant in the picture. A chipilin bush. In my yard. Very cool. She cut a few branches. I stuffed some leaves in my mouth. Tasted right and that was a few days ago and we are both still alive.

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  • Debra Pate

    Hello! My husband and I are planning to retire to Central America in two years. Panajachel is high on our list of possible locations. We are planning an exploratory trip this winter – driving from our home in Little Rock, AR down the east coast of Mexico into Guatemala, spending about 4 days (Dec 27-30) in Panajachel. While there,we would love to meet and talk with people who can provide insight. Maybe we could meet you – take you to dinner in exchange for some information?
    I am the communications specialist for Arkansas’s Surgeon General, working in a health policy center. My husband is pretty much retired but is a Trout fishing guide on the Little Red River in his “spare time.” We spent some time living and working in the Middle East – Kuwait – and are up for the adventure of a new culture. I’m on Facebook – Debra Pate Little Rock, AR.
    Hope we get a chance to meet you – please let me know if this is a possibility.
    Best regards,

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