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A little rain and …

Santander on a rainy Monday.

Santander on a rainy Monday.

This photo may make things look a little more inactive than it really is but it’s close. 2 June, a Monday, middle of the day. Mondays are usually pretty quiet anyway. This photo was taken after hours of heavy rain so it looks less wet than just 30 minutes before.

Lots of the vendors where not in their stalls. Part of this was because it was Monday but much of it was because they expected zero customers and were probably right.

On of the interesting things is the rain equipment. People walking and even some on bicycles have umbrellas. The TukTuks have doors — basically a special tarp with clear plastic windows to hang up on the roof supports.

Most of those without rain gear seem to use either a sheet of plastic or a big garbage bag as rain protection. I was really the oddball with a yellow poncho. I just don’t like umbrellas. If it was seriously raining I could go with my yellow pants and jacket that I got when I was working outside in the rain a lot in Nicaragua.

Why a poncho? You still have two hands to carry things and what you carry is protected from the rain. Toss in a backpack (under the poncho) if you have more to carry.

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