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BanRural and wire transfers

Yesterday I went to BanRural to do a Transferencia al Exterior. In other words, a bank wire. I have an account in US$ and the wire was in US$ (even though it was not to the US — actually China). What should have been easy turned into a 1+ hour experience and made me realize that if I need to do US$ transfers, BanRural is not the right place to use.

Other than I had to explain the various items (beneficiary, bank name, addresses and such) we started off fairly well. Things like Zhanqiani road and Jiangxi Province look ugly whether you are entering it is a form in English or Spanish. I only had to translate the labels.

We talked about the amount ($1400) and how the fee was only $25. All seemed well. Then we got to “the problem”. The guy started calculating how many Quetzales there was in $1425. I interrupted pointing out, again, that the wire was in dollars and the account was in dollars. He explained. We discussed more. Bottom line, the system to initiate a wire only works in Quetzales. Thus, he had to do the conversion to enter it.

As you might expect, there was a buy/sell exchange rate issue. Well, maybe issue isn’t the right word. It just meant that I was paying $41 to compensate for the system not working in dollars. I was not pleased but I wanted it done. We continued and then he took the paperwork (and me) to a teller. He explained it to her. She questioned it as I had pointing out that there were no quetzales involved. Eventually, five bank people were involved.

To make an not very amusing story short, one person (some sort of manager but not the branch manager) entered the transaction on the teller’s terminal. At the end, he handed me something like Q6.45. I asked why and he said “it’s your change”. I questioned that and the teller was, at this point, making the same “I can’t believe this” face as I. But it was all over.

I expect some bank here actually has a system that can do this sort of transaction in dollars. I will keep you posted.


Sorry for it being so quiet here but I have had a web hosting disaster for a few of my other sites plus am working on an interesting business idea with a local person. Details once we have a bit more research done but it will likely be of interest to many people who live here.

2 comments to BanRural and wire transfers

  • SB

    “Rural” in the title should tell you right off that bank is for country campesinos and not foreign exchange.

  • admin

    Agreed. I picked BanRural because I wasn’t sure where I would end up and they have an office close to everywhere. It seems that G y T Continental is a much better choice for non-local currency transactions.

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