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Got any left over pasta?

Got any left over pasta?

This photo was taken inside the Bistro, a restaurant on Calle Santander fairly close to the lake. He really was quite well-mannered. Until the waiter asked him to leave (the waiter was well-mannered as well), he walked from table to table, sat down and waited. He never said anything but, in one case, he made a paw motion.

Not any sort of aggressive paw motion. It was more like a movement to call attention to him. He was at one table with six people and an old woman seemed to have not noticed him so, pretty much, he waved at her.

Seeing we are talking about things inside the Bistro, let me tell a bit more.

Calle Santander about 150 meters from the lake.

Calle Santander about 150 meters from the lake.

It is a nice spot with a nice menu of mostly pasta dishes. It has been around since 1979 and has live music in the evenings. Prices are moderate — I think my risotto with pesto and shrimp was Q80 — and the food is good. I met the owner, Santiago, when I was looking for a house to buy and before I knew he was the owner. He seems like the kind of person who wants to offer a fair deal to his customers and certainly not a get rich quick kind. If you’re in the mood for pasta, check it out.

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