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WiFi in Pana

304px-Wi-Fi_Logo.svgI was eating lunch in The Bistro today and was reading an ebook while waiting for the food. They don’t have WiFi but I decided to look at what WiFi there was within range. I certainly expected more than zero but eight was pretty amazing.

Looking at the names (one was so creative: Office) I concluded that five or six of the eight were there for customers of a business to use. They were all protected but the right question could get you access.

There are lots of hotels and restaurants that do offer free WiFi for their customers on Calle Santander. I don’t know of any that are just open and generally you have to ask for the password but it is available. It got me thinking that buy buying a few lunches and chatting up people in travel agencies I could get enough WiFi access to stay connected while walking down Calle Santander. Of course, that is the way it should be. If WiFi was open everywhere, the world could be a lot friendlier.

What do I mean by that? If there was WiFi you could stroll down the street with your tablet or smart phone and find out about the places as you walked by them. It certainly could be done.

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