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Preparing Mangos for someone with a beard

Filet the mango.

Filet the mango.

I admit, I like the title but this information is more generic. It is actually part of the process I used to make my frozen mango cubes I talked about a few days ago. This is going to be the step-by-step.

Note that I did this with two dozen mangos to make the cubes. My dog loves mangos so I gave him the skins and the pits. He scarfed them all down but today he seems very uninterested in mangos.

If you have a filleting knife, this is a good place to use it. It’s not mandatory, a paring knife will work, but it makes the work a bit easier.

Step 1: Using the knife, cut the sides off the mango trying to cut as close to the pit as possible. You can pretty much angle in from the side of the pit and then reposition the knife to cut closer to the middle of the pit. You will now have three pieces: the pit and the two sides.

Making the mango "bites".

Making the mango “bites”.

Step 2: Without cutting through the skin, cut the mango meat into pieces. For a medium-sized mango, one cut in the center lengthwise and two or three across the side piece. Basically, you are making a grid of cuts.

Once cut, fold the skin back as is shown in the picture. The bite-sized pieces will stand up and separate making them easy to eat even if you have a beard or to just pick off the skin.

Repeat for the other side piece.

Step 3: Slit the skin around the center piece with the pit in it and peel it off. You can then cut off any remaining chunks from the pit.

Step 4: Give the skin and pit to your dog.

If you want to make the mango cubes, just cut up any large pieces and then stuff whatever fits into an ice cube tray. Note that I had previously suggested running everything through the blender. You could but the goal is to have frozen mango for the future. By not blending it you have the option of making something smooth (using the blender when you make it) or chunky. Plus, it was less work.

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