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No, it is not a beer convention

Testing the noise system.

Testing the noise system.

That is, if you even consider Gallo beer. It is the parking lot across Calle Santander from where I live. This is the second time they have set up a sound system over there since I moved into this house. The same as last time, we get a preview as they test the system during the day. It has been loud. Really loud.

Let me explain why I am so special. This photo was taken in the water tower where the weather station is mounted next to my house. (I was up there because my “work for every battery” seems to once again have problems.) Being there helped me realize why it seems louder in my house than in Santander. There is a fairly tall concrete block wall behind my house. It acts as a sound reflector. The end result is that it really is louder in my back yard than any of the locations that are closer because there is a building between the sound system and the streets.

Oh well, happy Semana Santa.

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