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Comedor y Tortillaria America

Inexpensive breakfast.

Inexpensive breakfast.

In my search for the decent low-end breakfast, I decided to give this place a try. I have had breakfast there twice. It is not exciting but the price is right and there really is nothing wrong with it. In addition, they sell tortillas and they have inexpensive liquados. It isn’t a place to go out of your way for but if you are in the neighborhood, it’s fine.

It is located on Calle El Amante — the road that runs from Calle Real to Puente La Amistad. Yeah, it looks like it is falling down but it probably won’t while you are eating breakfast.

Both times I have had the standard “tipico” breakfast — scrambled eggs, beans, cheese, coffee and tortillas. On their plate there is no fruit but five tortillas rather than the more typical four or three. Q12 which is as cheap as I have found this breakfast. Service is always really fast but you may need to go to the kitchen curtain to announce yourself and to pay the check.

Today while I was eating breakfast someone came in and ordered a liquado. It was served in a typical soda fountain glass and looked good. It cost Q7.

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