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Is it for Semana Santa?

Another "red and white" job.

Another “red and white” job.

I recently posted http://atitlanlife.com/2014/03/18/cheros-gets-a-facelift/ where Ricardo, the owner, is on a ladder doing some of the painting. This morning I was going to buy a piece of wood. When I got to the corner of Santander and Real I see that Comedor Central is getting a facelift as well. Then, a few meters further on, there is another bar getting a new paint job.

Is this all for Semana Santa? My answer is a guarded yes. That is, I believe it is but I don’t believe is just for the businesses.

The big clue is that all these signs are red and white and all include beer logos. Next time I talk to Ricardo I will ask but my guess is that this is free paint from the beer distributor. I have eaten in Comedor El Centro and bought tortillas but never even thought about them selling beer until I saw this new paint job. Plus their old sign was blue and white.

It’s marketing — not for the business itself but for the beer industry. Note that this happens all the time in Nicaragua as well. It’s just business.

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