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Solving my office chair problem

Fred helped me unpack it.

Fred helped me unpack it.

I haven’t had a decent office chair since I moved here. In fact, before I moved here as my previous one had died in Nicaragua.

Almost a year ago I bought what would be called a secretary’s chair but I tend to lean back at times. The back support would bend and I would end up with a back ache. As I spend all to much time at my desk, I finally made getting a new chair a priority.

I have done an extensive search in Pana. They don’t exist. Mayasersa sometimes has something that looks like it will break in a month or is very expensive (or both). Right now, they have neither so I decided to head to Sololá.

Q3 for the bus and 15 minutes and I was there. If you get off the bus and start walking up the road that ultimately takes you to Guatemala City you will find an assortment of stores that might have such a chair. I walked into the first one, W, (yeah, that’s its name) and asked. The clerk said they didn’t have them but the store across the street did. Big store but looking at it all I saw was auto parts. But, I went over there.

It turns out there is an auto parts section but the rest of the store is mostly an office supply store. That includes photocopiers, desks and chairs. They had two recliner-back office chairs. Both have a lock to turn off the recline function. Both were comfortable. This was a bit bigger but I mainly liked the way the arms tapered down so it would slide further under a desk or keyboard drawer.

I knew that La Curacao in Pana wanted Q625 for a tiny, mesh only, non-reclining chair. I asked the price question. The clerk had to “look it up”. I am not sure where he was looking (other than on a computer) but he did a lot of looking. He said he was going to give me a good discount. That scared me as good discounts usually mean “because what I have is really overpriced”.

Well, it wasn’t. Q875. I am totally happy with that price. They wrapped it with some plastic so it would not get damaged on the roof of the bus. Three blocks of walking and another Q3 and I was here in Pana. Good shopping day.

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