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Comedor Mira Lago

A view and good food.

A view and good food.

Executive summary: Good fish meal at a fair price with a great view.

Before I moved to Pana I assumed anything with a lake view would be more expensive than places in other locations. I now know that it can be but, in many cases, it is not. Here is a win.

There is a row of restaurants in front of the river. I have eaten in most of them. I had avoided this one because it has the best view, looks the best, … My mistake.

They all offer a fish from the lake plate so that has been my standard for comparison. Each one costs around Q50. (Q45 in this restaurant.) Here the meal is presented with a lot more class than in the others. And, in spite of that class, it is good — maybe better.

Tasty with non-typical potatoes.

Tasty with non-typical potatoes.

Maybe “more tourist friendly” is the way to put it. For example, instead of french fries, you get a potato salad (that is not made with mayonnaise). The guacamole is tasty. The cucumber and radish decorations are pretty as well as eatable. And the fish is done right.

When I first looked at the menu I figured this place was the loss leader (maybe it is) but they win bigtime with their fruit drinks. Q20 sounded very expensive for such a concoction — until you see it. It is not just a glass of fruit juice — it is a creation. Again, serious tourist appeal.

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