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Restaurante Mexicano La Michoacana

Mexican food in Pana

Mexican food in Pana

Mexican food in Pana? Yup. And it even tastes like Mexican food. All at fair prices and they typically have my favorite beer, Cabro. A little place run by nice people. Located on Calle de Los Arboles across the street from Tortillaria Paula.

There are at least three places on Calle Santander where you can get a burrito (even a vegetarian one). None are bad but none remind me of Mexican food either.

Everything I have had there has been good and has tasted the way I think Mexican food should taste. That has included enchiladas, burritos and, a special posted on the wall, spinach and shrimp quesadilla. The person cooking is a bit atypical:

  • Male, not female
  • Speaks English as well as Spanish


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