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Cheros gets a facelift

OK, bar and pupuseria

OK, bar and pupuseria

Well, at least new paint. I am reasonably sure that is Ricardo on the right ladder. He will probably be your waiter and, well, just about anything except the person cooking the pupusas.

Location? At the intersection where Calles Santander, Los Arboles and Real meet. The strips on the left are part of the Banco G y T Continental sign.

Now, there are a couple of definitions you will need — both from El Salvador:

What is a pupusa is the first. It is a traditional food of El Salvador. It starts with masa like what you use to make a tortilla but a filling is mixed in before cooking. It is then served with a thin red sauce and shreded cabbage and carrot slaw-like stuff. If you are eating it in Cheros you will probably want a beer to go with it. Fortunately, they have Cabro so you are not stuck with Gallo.

The pupusa menu is the black sign with white print next to the door. Lots of choices, about half of them vegetarian. Currently Q10 each, two minimum order. Even chipilin is a choice.

Even if you know Spanish well you may not understand the name. I guess it is a pun because it has a sorta double meaning. Chero is slang in El Salvador for friend. So, it is a bar and its name is “Friends”.

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