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Year ’round citrus

Ripe fruit, growing fruit and buds.

Ripe fruit, growing fruit and buds.

If you live in a temperate climate then you think of local crops as seasonal. In Central America you really only have the dry season and the rainy season. Temperatures are almost the same (particularly on Lake Atitlan). For non-irrigated crops the seasons do matter. But, for something planted in your yard, there is little difference.

The photo is of part of my sour orange tree in the yard. You can see mature fruit, green fruit and blossoms. In other words, I have a year round supply of fruit.

There is clearly a time of year when there is an amazing volume of ripe fruit. I have picked fruit for use in cooking and given away some. I am now down to the last few ripe fruit but there are lots of new, unripe fruit on the tree already.

If you are not familiar with sour orange, it has the kind of flavor you might expect. You can use it where you might pick a lemon lime. Not the same flavor but close — sometimes a better choice.

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